Facebook ChatBot Using Flask

Facebook ChatBot Using Flask

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·Sep 22, 2022·

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Set up

first of all go here and login with your fb account Also Install ngrok zip file


Image description Fill the instructions According to you Image description

Image description That's it Now We Do Some code create a folder and using pip install these Modules

pip install pymessenger

pip install requests

pip install flask

Open your Folder And make a file name fbBot.py

from flask import Flask,request
import requests
from pymessenger import Bot

app =  Flask(__name__)


def handling_message(text):
    adjusted_msg = text
    if adjusted_msg == 'hi' or adjusted_msg == 'Hi':
        response = 'hey'
    elif adjusted_msg == "what's up" or adjusted_msg == "what's up":
        response = "i'm Great"
        response = "it's pleasure to talk with you,Thank you."
    return response

@app.route('/', methods = ["POST","GET"])

def web_hook():
    if request.method == "GET":
        if request.args.get('hub.verify.token') == VERIFY_TOKEN:
            return request.args.get('hub.challenge')

                return 'Unable To Connect Meta'
    elif request.method == 'POST':
        data = request.json
        process = data['entry'][0]['messaging']
        for msg in process:
            text = msg['message']['text']
            sender_id = msg['sender']['id']
            response = handling_message(text)
        return 'Message Delivered'

![Image description](https://dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/articles/8q5t43y3zd7kvdzdpfdp.png)

if  __name__ == '__main__':

name anything about verify token Generate page access token and paste above

Now Extract ngrok and paste it in your Workspace

Image description

run fbBot.py and ngrok As An Administrator put this cmd and Hit Enter

ngrok.exe http 5000

now you are connected with it from here copy https that end with .io and paste it here with token name and save

Image description Restart your app Build again And You Are Good To Go

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